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themiddleearth's Journal

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Welcome to themiddleearth! There are a lot of "land" comms going around at the moment, and we thought it would be only right and good to have a Lord of the rings based community.
How the Teams Workd.

When you join, you'll get given a team. This will be your "home" base. When you participate in the challenges, you'll earn points for your team. Every three months, there will be a Winning team (with the most points)!

Battle one : April 1 - Jun 30
Battle two : July 1 - Sept 30
Battle three : Oct 1 - Dec 31
Battle four : Jan 1 - Mar 31


1. The Middle Earth is A Team Challenge Community. You must have a Team to Join.
2. Our biggest Rule is to be courteous to Others, and the Mods.
3. All work must remain anonymous until challenges are over
4. Participate. Please be able to partake in one challenge a fortnight at least.
5. Have fun!
How do I join

Head to our Application Post!
Our Teams are: The Shire, Lorien, Mordor, Gondor
PLEASE don't try to join or watch the comm - get a team first! Its easy, and we'll accept anyone, but you do need team :D.

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