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If you would like to join themiddleearth please read through the rules/guide/faq section. Then fill out the form below.

When picking a team, please put them in order from who you'd most like to be in to least like to be in. We cannot guarantee that you will be put into you first choice, but we will try our hardest not to put you in your last choice. Keep in mind, we like to even the teams so if you happen to get your least choice, it's not because we hate you, it's because we need to even the teams out. Honestly though, it doesn't really matter what team you are in, it's all about participating and having fun! :]

The Teams:
Team Shire, Team Lorien, Team Mordor, Team Gondor


Once you're signed up:
Please Wait for your application to be processed. This will happen every Sunday! Once that happens, you'll recieve an invite to your Team comm AND themiddleearth. Invites can be checked here. Then you can start participating and having fun!

[dw] donna ♥ she falls asleep part one


For those of you new to the community, just want to check it out before you join, or have been loyal to themiddleearth since the beginning, underneath the cut you will find all the rules, FAQ's, and a nice help guide which will be added to as time goes on. If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns outside of actual challenges/tasks, this would be the place you would ask them. This way I can archive them and put them into the help guide if needed!

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[dw] donna ♥ she falls asleep part one


Hello fellow Middle Eartheans!

My name is Brittany, and I am volunteering to take over themiddleearth for the lovely an_inside_job. Over the next week you will all see small slight changes made to the community. I will try to keep it as harmless as possible I swear! Your team communities/names will all stay the same, as well as the mods if they are still up for it!

Here are some small things that you all should know:

The next 'battle for Middle Earth' will happen, hopefully, April 1st, 2011. If by some reason I, and the mods aren't ready we will let you know. I'm hoping during the waiting/reorganizing process we will have some small 'getting to know you' games. This way we can all get back into the spirit of the games/challenges.

In the next day or so I will post a entry asking for everyone to comment with what team they are in. This way I can keep track of all the people in each team, an create a "user base", which will have the team and their members and how many points each team member makes during that battle.

There will also be a slight tweak in the community rules, but honestly, it's nothing to worry about.

I also want to make it clear that I am always there if any of you have problems, make it another person on the community, a question/concern about a challenge or how something is being run, etc... You can PM me on here (I try to check my PM's every couple of hours, because LJ doesn't like me and never sends notifications), or if you don't want to PM me, you can always do one of the other options:

IM: zombie lois
Twitter: @fringescience
and in case any of you play 'World of Warcraft' I'm Ephinne on the Malygos server, so if you can't get a hold of me any other way and you see that I'm on, just send me a message or whisper to me, and I'll reply instantly.

I'm hoping that you all are still interested in being a part of this community, and I cannot wait to start the battle!
- Brittany

And because everyone needs a laugh now and then:

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Oce again...I come armed with apologies. I simply do not have the time to dedicate to this comm.
With all the best intentions I am failing terribly.
I am going to have to hand it over to someone who has the time for it. I haven't even managed to put up new games/graphics challenges this week. It's likely that my failing is largely responsible for the fall in participation from most members here.
Not all of you, some of you religiously enter (when there are acually challenges to enter!) and I feel horrible for letting you guys down, hence the reason for this decision.

As such...the third battle for middleearth will be suspended until someone who has the time can take over here.

Chick from Bates

Cover Meme Results

first - #18 - ayeseaturtle (M) - 30pts
first - #37 - anolinde (G) - 30pts
second - #27 - anaithis (G) - 20pts
third - #4 - mata090680 (L) - 10pts
third - #19 - ayeseaturtle (M) - 10pts

I'd Buy That - #15 - _childish_fears (M) - 10pts

Gondor - 274
Lorien - 175
Mordor - 159
Shire - 100

Check out the entries again.

spreadsheet- let me know, if I forgot anyone.

Video Results

Team Lorien (246)
lady_turner luvboromir24601 grey_gazania ladyelleth zhie mata090680

Team Shire (205)
goonie_freak alvdans jester_and_jane i_will_dare_89 partitioning

Team Mordor (123)
reallyally shedtheirony violensi

Team Gondor (123)
anolinde viggorliforever meredith44

feel free to share your videos at thegoldenperch if you like!
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Open Challenges

Like the previous post this one will live in the side bar and I'll update it as new challenges get posted! (I couldn't update the last one!)

Open Challenges

Challenge Eight Animated/Sequence icons - 18th November

Challenge Nine Fic - Build Me Up - 25th November